Energy Healing OKC Case Study

We started working with Tiffany in late 2019.  She was having trouble getting clients on demand and having a proven/predictable marketing system for generating leads/customers.   She was trying the old outreach way of manually contacting people and seeing if they were interested in energy healing (body/emotion code specifically).   Feeling super burnt out from the constant rejections and emotionally drained, she reached out to us and we helped her out live her purpose. We did SEO and website design for her to get her more business.  Details are below for her marketing campaign.

Scope Of Work

  • Make her website show up for energy healing and body code/emotion code search terms in Google’s 1st page of search results.
  • Make her Google My Business profile show in the top of the map pack.
  • Create amazing content that gets business
  • Track conversions/customer actions on the website and other marketing properties.
  • Web Design into WordPress
  • Conversion rate optimization to improve the amount of leads she received from the same amount of traffic.
  • Keep on growing the traffic & leads and continually improving her SEO and website content.

Her website analytics/traffic by month up til today

Google My Business

Search Result Positions

She shows up EVERYWHERE in the search results for energy healing, body code practitioner, emotion code healing, reiki etc search terms in the OKC area.  That is still the case today in 2022.  We stopped working with her in late 2020.  She is still killing it with her energy healing business. 

Conversion Tracking & Results

 As her traffic to her website went up, so did her conversions and the amount of customers she got from SEO.  It keeps on growing and growing like a snowball rolling down the hill and builds incredibly momentum.  

SEO does take time, but it absolutely kills it in terms of getting new quality customers for cheap.   She no longer has to manually look for clients.  Clients come to her and it is a game changer for herself and her income.   

She experienced the following

  • She no longer feels drained/tired from having to get clients manually and getting CONSTANT REJECTION.
  • She is no longer broke and depressed from struggling to survive and get customers.  No more struggling business.
  • She is happy and super grateful that she gets to do what she loves everyday and live her true life purpose.
  • She is now making $10k+/month in profit selling her energy healing services to the OKC area.
  • The power of SEO and having a marketing company that seriously delivers results.