SEO & Google Ads Case Study

We started with Ewbank Drilling of Oklahoma in 2020 in Dec/Jan 2021.  They had an decent website that was getting almost little to no traffic and not much results.  They came to me for help getting more clients and have a marketing system to get them leads on demand.  We built them a website, started a Google Ads campaign, and a search engine optimization campaign (SEO).  The amazing results are below.  They now have more leads then they know what to do with and are booked out 6 months in advanced.  Read more below.

Google Ads Management Results

As seen in the picture above, we started on Dec 2020.  From the Google Ads campaign we averaged about a 19+% conversion rate in getting leads from the traffic.   So about 1 in 5 visitors from the ad campaign became a lead for Ewbank Drilling.  The average cost of those leads was $40.19 averaging out the OKC/Tulsa locations.  Total leads generated from Dec 22 to March 27 was 684 water well drilling leads.  The leads were a mix of big commercial and residential projects all around Oklahoma.  These leads are red hot ready to buy. This is not counting the leads from SEO.  The ads campaign was a massive success with tons of cheap leads delivered like clockwork.  IT IS POWERFUL to grow your business. 

What We did for them

– Create the landing pages

– Created conversion(lead) tracking 

– Created ads and message

– Managed the ad cost and keyword bidding

– Optimized the results

– Improved the landing page design to maximize the amount of leads received.

– Kept cost low and leads high

– Kept on improving everything in their ad account.


Basically COMPLETE Done-For-You Ads management!  Everything needed to get massive results from Google Ads so you can focus on service fulfillment. 




SEO Campaign

seo results for past year

In the beginning, I doubt many people could even find them for even their brand name (common problem).  There marketing was non-existent as well.   After working with them, they are getting massive amounts of traffic from both Google Ads and natural search traffic from the major search engines.  It is not random search terms either, its city name well drilling services, water well drilling near me etc.  SEO does take time to kick in, but once it does its a river of leads for your business for DIRT CHEAP.  I love free Google traffic.  To date since working with Ebank Drilling, we have gotten them over 300 leads from the natural search results.   This is not counting Google My Business (*Now Google My Profile) leads either which is detailed below.

In the picture above is search impressions and clicks for the search results of their website.  Impressions is how many the website and any of its webpages show up for a search result in Google.  Clicks is how many people actually clicked that search result (ewbank’s website).  Impressions come first then as the website appears higher and higher on the firt page they get more clicks and as a result more leads from people searching for the solution that Ewbank Drilling provides.   Water wells.  We strive to get more and more traffic for our clients each month.   More high quality traffic = more customers. 

Google My Business Results

okc gmb results
okc gmb results

From two Google My Business locations, over 28 days we had 36 calls/leads.  Times that by 12 months and you have 432 calls from SEO GMB profiles.  Pretty awesome.  SEO is very powerful and we love our craft. 

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