Ultra Clean Tile & Grout Cleaning (SEO Case Study)

We started working with Travis in the early Spring of 2019.  He was wanting to get more customers without having to use paid traffic to aqcuire them.  He offers tile adn grout cleaning and other floor cleaning services in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  

Here is his traffic for the latest month

From 300/month visitors to over 1200/month.  That is great growth and a whole lot more customers from your website.  Marketing is so much fun for me. 

As the traffic to the site increases, so do the conversions/customer actions AKA SALES


  • Installed conversion tracking
  • Got his website in the first page of search results for everything floor cleaning related (tile and grout, carpet, upholstery, grout renewal, grout coloring etc) in Dallas, TX.
  • Created content for him that is really good at getting customers and gets a lot of viewership on Google and the other search engines.
  • Optimized his website and increased the conversion rate optimization.
  • Added more CTA to get more customers.
  • Got his Google My Business profile in the top of the map pack in the search results.
  • Improved every metric that needed to be improved and continually optimized the marketing.

Google My Business

Over 14,000 listings in the search results & 3800 listing showings in the map pack


  • He got a record ROI for his investment with us and using our services. 
  • He is less stressed than ever and is making more money than ever.
  • He has a proven system for getting new customers and leads
  • He has hired more cleaning technicians, bought more cleaning trucks, more equipment to fulfill and keep up with the growing demand. 
  • Dominating the tile and grout cleaning industry in the DFW area.  Still king of the Hill on Google.
  • Has a powerful website that is his salesperson 24/7 and works super effectively at turning visitors into customers.